Stock Brokers

Intra SAL operates in several areas offering specialised advice to businesses and the opportunity for investors to participate in various forms of capital raising, Stockholdings, or new issues.

Intra has recently been established form over 80 years to provide a range of services, including:

• Corporate Advisory, incorporating a range of corporate activities be it corporate restructuring, merger and aquisitions and strategic advice.
• Assisting Local Government and Small Business Enterprises with business planning, including restructuring.
• Assisting Companies to raise capital / equity to expand their business activities.

Investors can participate in capital raisings by companies through a wide range of share placements and/or new issues and stocks, and opportunities also exist for sophisticated investors.

New floats and issues
Intra ensures that we gain access to some of the best new issues and capital raisings from a diverse range of larger and smaller organisations.

We have exposure to a considerable deal flow and offerings for our valued clients and stockholders.