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Real Estate investment in the Middel East

I am going to keep this very short and sweet. I am writing this in the first place due to an email I received from a friend of mine living and working in the Middle East.

He asked me: “What do you think about Dubai debt and its impact?”

Here is what I think:
The Dubai debt and the impact is peanuts…there is so much over-hype right now. Many people just want to turn their attention to Dubai because it had the balls to think, dream, and actually do big things…to better themselves and the region as a whole.

You talk to anyone in the world and mention “Dubai”…and what do people say?…Let me tell you what they say…they say: “I soooooooo want to go there!”

Nuff said folks.

Dubai is like Miami, FL…great place, dynamic place, melting pot, etc…its not going anywhere…it only gets better in time

If anything…it will bounce back and be better…every time you fall…you must get up and challenge yourself again…they will…and this time a new wave of leadership and policy’s that need to be implemented will help them grow stronger for everyone.

Short term
If I ran a fund…I would be buying “paper” backed by some of these assets. I would also find a way to slide into the private banking space through a re-capitalization of a smaller regional bank.

There is a huge “psyche” play here that most people fail to realize. People with money are frightened…and this causes them to move money into a smaller…a more “hands on” banking institution.

Long term
Play the infrastructure game…the greatest cities in the world are ones that have the best infrastructure in place…

P.S. Jealousy scans for evidence to prove the point…these are the “Yes” people who tell you that you can’t do something and when you do it and succeed…they tell you that either your lucky or that anyone could have done that….and when you have a hiccup and need to re-load due to various conditions…they are the first ones to tell you that you should have done that or that it was never going to work.

P.S.S. Dream big and stay away from small people…envision your goals…see yourself doing what you dream of…you’ll be half way there my friend.