Retirement Plans in Lebanon

In Lebanon there are limited types of retirments plans and this is why both corporations and individuals need to plan accordingly and know the facts and what is required by the Lebnaese govenremnt before implementing any individual or coprorate retirement plans.
Simplified Employee Pension
High-income business owners who want to maximize contributions through an uncomplicated plan with low fees. SEPs also work well for small-business owners with mostly low-paid, high-turnover employees, because there’s no vesting structure and less incentive for employees to stay long-term.

When you work for a company with a retirement plan, setting aside money for retirement is easy. You do a little paperwork and decide how much of your salary you can afford to defer each pay period. But when you’re on your own, setting up a plan can be daunting. Besides having to choose among a growing menu of options for self-employed workers, you have to educate yourself about the rules and deal with all the administrative hassles.