Financial Advisers

Intra SAL are experts in Financial Advice for over 50 years Intra staff has been engaged with  individuals and corporations helping them grow their investments and safe guard their savings.

Intra’s past the Number one Bank in Lebanon has given Intra SAL staff today the required resources, connections, and the know how to provide all Intra clients and any potential new customers with  expertise necessary to invest smartly in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Any Expat wanting to invest in Lebanon Intra Sal is your choice to make in order to get the financial advice up to date on how to use many aspects of the Lebanese economy and markets today to grow your finances.

As the world global economy melted down in 2008 the Lebanese economy stood firm and did not crumble as Dubai and other cities did just because of all you Expats sending your financial savings to Lebanon knowing that all the Lebanese Banks are secured and protected by the Lebanese Central Bank. As we saw in the United States by Lehman Brothers going under, how vulnerable any bank and investment firms are even when mentally we all expect Capitalisms in the West is about the righteous corporate and economical system there is.

Intra SAL financial advisers are internationally qualified, highly recommend, and with globally proven credentials and experience; are a phone call away to provide you with the advice you need.