Lebanon Central Bank

Intra SAL based on serious expected staff, highly connected to the government and hundreds of successful business from real Estate, Mortgages, Investment groups, and other financial institutions, Intra SAL today is considered the guide to any investors with proven record and history to comfort any business, corporate investors from manufacturing to making Deposits in the Lebanese currency earning up to 7% interests using the Lebanese banking famous secured backed up by Government Gold equity and Internationally known non-risk takers in charge of our central bank.

The Lebanese economy was the only economy not to fall for the bonds and second and third party loans and financial profits that caused the entire Global crisis starting in the United States affecting the entire Globe and the same countries and governments that counted on the United States banks to be the safest using the American Dollar as their main deposits have fallen victims to the open unregulated capitalism of the Western World headed by the United States.

One of the major examples of this: What happened to Dubai in 2008!

Lebanon stood stable, strong, and secured and the LA Times reported that the Lebanese central bank decision makers have saved the Lebanese economy over and over again by outsmarting the biggest Investors group in the world based in the United States and by predicting their failures and always security, stability, and the non- risk taking by our banking systems headed by the Lebanese central bank has kept the Lebanese Lira (pound) as stable as can be in today’s somewhat unstable global economy.