Corporate Investment

Intra has over 50 years of experience in Corporate Investment in Lebanon. Originally a very highly successful Bank one of the two major banks in Lebanon for 30 years, enabled Intra SAL to become a leader in the financing industry of Lebanon especially dealing with the Legalities, Governmental rules, and laws and to adapt to the complete changes of such services throughout the years to suit the increasing fast growing Lebanese Banking system and growing economy.

In 2009 the Lebanese economy grew by 9%
In 2010 the Lebanese economy grew by 6%

Between 2011 to 2013 unfortunately the economy grew only by 1.55 and that is because of the political conflicts neighboring Lebanon, the effects of the Middle Eastern “Arab Spring” rise affecting Gulf area investors and money input into the Lebanese economy, but most important and as always the somewhat calm political Governmental division and political and ideological differences between several Lebanese political parties and factions.